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Use The Neti Pot Without Danger | Nose Bidet Safety Tips Info

A neti pot or nose bidet is a traditional instrument used in Hatha Yoga tradition for cleaning the nasal passages of the face. The literal translation of the Sanskrit term means “water cleansing”.

A neti pot is a safe way to irrigate and clean your sinuses but only when done properly. Neti pot danger only happens if you don’t follow the right direction on how to use this nose bidet.

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Fat People Are Harder To Kidnap Rises In Search Trends

The pop culture of talking shirts has been mainstream for quite some time now. And another evidence of its popularity is the recent rise for searches of the phrase, “Fat People Are Harder To Kidnap”.

This is perhaps one of the most memorable talking t-shirt designs out there of this generation. And is really a witty line to boost the self-confidence of those who wears them.

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Vidyartha College Facebook Virus

Facebook users are getting confused today as most of them are seeing their school name changed to Vidyartha College. Now either this is a virus in the system, another hacking attempt or just a major glitch.

The alleged Vidyartha College Facebook virus started showing Tuesday (US PDT) and is spreading fast across Facebook – and no body knows what’s causing it.

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