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PSP Still A Sony Top Seller For 2011

Despite the popularity of smartphones and tablets which has taken over the casual gaming activities of consumers, Sony Computer Entertainment has reported that they were still able to sell 6.5 million units during the 2011 holiday season.

The company sold 3.9 million PlayStation 3s, 1.6 million PSPs, and 500,000 PS Vitas.

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Sony Tablet S Is Now Cheaper By $100

Sony wants to be more competitive in today’s tablet market and they are doing that by reducing the price of all Tablet S models by $100. Now, the 16GB and 32GB models are at $500 and $600, respectively.

But the problem now is, even with the price reduction, they are still at the same level as the iPad and many consumers will certainly choose the more popular Apple gadget, if they cost the same.

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Sony Vaio Laptop Recall Announced

Around half a million Sony Vaio laptops are now on recall due to overheating problems. The affected models are those of Sony Vaio F and C series laptops sold since 2010.

The American Consumer Product Safety Commission said that “the computers can overheat, posing a burn hazard.”

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