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Watch Paul Daley Cheap Shot Video Online

At the recently concluded Josh Koschek vs Paul Daley fight during UFC 113. Paul Daley made a cheap shot at the end of round 3.

In case you missed watching the UFC 113 live stream, we have the clip below so you can watch Paul Daley cheap shot video online.

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Watch UFC 113 Post Fight Press Conference Video

What happened to Machida vs Shogun? How does Machida feel in losing his title? How does Shogun feel in becoming the new light heavyweight champion? Will there be a Machida vs Shogun 3?

Learn all that and watch UFC 113 Post Fight press conference video below as well as other UFC 113 videos and features.

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Watch Machida vs Shogun 2 Replay Video | UFC 113 Replay

Watch Machida vs Shogun 2 replay video from the UFC 113 replay. Watch it now while it’s still available. This Machida vs Shogun video replay is from YouTube and we apologize for the poor quality and it’s not HD quality.

As with the nature of uploading these videos online, they may be taken down for copyright claims in a matter of hours of a few days. So watch it now while it’s available.

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