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TV Show Features Small Space Interior Design Tips

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Interior designer Charlotte York has a new show at Bravo which will give couples and bachelors a way to design their homes if they live in a small space.

A new reality television show that still has no set broadcast date but is showing lots of promise to be a popular show for the young urban professionals.

Some tips that York shared with us are, placing a low daybed perpendicular to the door, because it opens up the room and allow a direct line of sight from the sofa to the TV.

She also suggests painting the wall of bookshelves white – which works well with both modern and rustic furniture pieces.

She advises placing a small sofa next to the entrance for watching TV. Its scale is in line with the rest of the space. And warm up the room with yellows and golds. Repeat the colors in lamp shades, mirrors and an accent chair.

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