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Twilight Video Game

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Fans of the Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga will be happy to know that their favorite novel and movie will now also be their favorite online role-playing game.

Twilight The Video Game is a massive multiplayer online (updates below) game wherein one will be able to relive and journey through the events of the Twilight Saga. They can choose to experience it through their favorite Twilight characters.


Twilight The Video Game is being developed under license through a student project named BrainJunk Studios. Brandon Gardner is the head of the game software development project. The game’s website is here.

In an interview with the Examiner, Gardner described the Twilight video game as:

an open non-linear world set around Forks. I like the idea of letting players explore the world, and discover new amazing things that are not even covered in the book or the movie.

One really extremely crucial feature in the game engine that was licensed for the game is unlimited world streaming, and this feature allows for the game to go in an open, non-linear direction.

The game will be an interactive experience that allow players to immerse themselves as some of the most beloved characters in the Twilight Saga. The game will revolve around the book, “Twilight,” “New Moon,” and “Midnight Sun”.

I’m thinking of including New Moon into the project as well. I really think it’s important to allow players to experience being human, vampire, or phasing into a werewolf.

Are you excited to buy or download or sign up for the Twilight The Video Game and play? Well, it’s not yet available, as well as the detailed mechanics of the game. So stay tuned for updates and we’ll give you more news developments on this.

It was clarified by the public relations of the Twilight the Video Game that if the information is NOT on their website, then it should be regarded as rumor. And this includes it being an MMO. Please read their FAQ section for more details.

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6 Responses

  1. Famf says:

    Worst idea ever? I believe so. An MMORPG with only two different characters sounds unbelievably horrible.

  2. Marieke says:

    I agree with Famf… I mean, everyone’s going to want to play Bella/Edward. How’s that gonna work out? It would work for an offline game, of course, but how can you have an MMORPG with everyone playing the same character?

    Maybe I’m just not getting something here, though

  3. Riley says:

    It would be a better game if you could choose to be a human, vampire, or a werewolf, and have everyone walk around as their respective “race”. Then like, have the werewolf’s on the reservation, like in the books and movies and have the humans and vampires doing their own thing around Forks.

  4. Taku says:

    well i think of it as something like City of Heros, where everyone is a “hero” but you choose what you want to do and how you do it, and to play around with the idea of SPECIAL ABILITIES like mind reading, ect, sounds AWESOME

  5. TheSparklyVampire says:

    you can keep track of it here :-))

  6. Rigato says:

    Ok, as someone who lives in Washington, I find this grossly offensive…first of all, Stephanie Meyer takes a relatively unknown town and screws up nearly every aspect of it (even getting the local highschool’s mascot wrong!), now they’re making an MMO based on a world that focuses on Forks?

    I already have these stupid 12 year old girls who come to Seattle and freak out when they’re told Forks is a real place. Now I’m going to hear “Oh, like in that Twilight game?”

    Thanks a whole freakin lot, Brainjunk. I hope you rot in hell.

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