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Twitter and Facebook Down Due To Hacker Attack

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Why is Twitter and Facebook down? If you’re a social networking and microblogging fan, then you must be asking these questions today.

Earlier, reports have been claimed that both Twitter and Facebook faced cyber attacks from hackers. While some can still log-in, many are having problems with the service such as delayed updates and errors.


Facebook had an early-morning distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, announced Facebook spokeswoman Brandee Barker.

“No user data was at risk and we have restored full access to the site for most users,” she assures their users. “We’re continuing to monitor the situation to ensure that users have the fast and reliable experience they’ve come to expect from Facebook.”

Denial-of-service (DOS) attacks take various forms but often involve a company’s servers being flooded with data in an effort to disable them and take them offline.

As of this writing, both websites seem to up and working fine now. The identity of the perpetrators of this cyber attack is still unidentified.

Source: ABC News

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