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Upgrade Your Fitness

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With many new technologies coming out today, it’s important that we take advantage of all the new gadgets that are available for us that will make our workouts more efficient and effective.

One of the gadgets we recommend is the Nike Fuelband which acts like an odometer and tracks all your steps, calories, time, or “nikefuel” points. You can set daily, weekly and monthly goals that will keep you motivated.

Then there’s also the new fabric, Icebreaker Merino. A gym gear which is light, breathable, and unrestrictive for working out in cold or warm temperatures.

And to make sure that you’re working out the correct way, make sure that your instructors at the gym have a group fitness certification which ensures that they are fit to be fitness instructors.

That’s it for now for our health advice. Until next time when we discuss more health and fitness tips here.

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