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Viveka Babajee Found Lifeless in Mumbai Apartment

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Viveka Babajee, an Indian supermodel and former Miss Mauritius was found lifeless at her suburban Bandra residence in Mumbai, Friday night local time.

She was found hanging from the ceiling fan of her apartment, leading to the conclusion that she might have taken her own life – however, the authorities, family and friends still don’t know her reasons for committing such an act.

Fashion designer Rohit Verma said she was supposed to take part in his fashion show next month and was in shock of the news of her passing.

Viveka Babajee, whose photo appears above, was 32 years old. In 1994, she was declared a supermodel and have become one of the most-sought after faces nationally and internationally in the fashion world.

In the Philippines, she was partly involved in a Metro Manila Film Festival issue with friend Ruffa Gutierrez in an alleged switching of winners in the competition and became locally famous with the line, “Take it! Take it!”

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Category: Fashion, Human Interest, Lifestyle, Philippines

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