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Vox Website Closing on September 30

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Social networking and blogging platform, Vox, has decided to finally close down by September 30, 2010. The news came as a shock to many members of the Vox community.

No clear and straightforward reason has been given but many say that Vox has become stagnant over the years and could not offer more to its users, thus the need to let go if they truly want their users to grow.

As a solution to its closing, Vox is offering all its members an option to export their blogs to TypePad and their photos and videos to Flickr. Many are advised to do the move as soon as possible.

By September 15, Vox members can no longer create new posts or upload new photos or videos. They can still view and manage their account.

By the end of the month, all Vox blogs will no longer be available and users will no longer be able to sign in.

To Vox, we congratulate you for a job well done and we wish all your staff and members success in your future endeavors.

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