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Watch Lady Gaga Alejandro Music Video Official Release Online

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After much anticipation, Lady Gaga has just released the new official music video of the song Alejandro. And as expected, it’s a visual display for the senses.

You can now watch Lady Gaga Alejandro official music video below because the release date is today. Viewer discretion is advised.

Lady Gaga – Alejandro video official

So what do you think of the Alejandro music video? Does it live up to your Lady Gaga expectations? We wonder who will be brave enough to make their own version of this video and upload it online.

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7 Responses

  1. SynnR_SainT says:

    Hmmm…as much of a Lady Gaga fan I am, this video has me a little confused. Although, it clearly justifies how extreme she is I personally think it could have been better. Everything is great up until the end but makes me question, “Why end like this?” Seriously, I’m a little confused towards the end. Maybe someone could add their opinions. *By the way, I love her look in the black dress pants and vest. The scenes on the bed are quite intriging as well. Hehe.* Oh and was hoping for it to be a longer video. Ah, I love Gaga!

  2. evvy says:

    holy shit! That girl has been working out. She’s become quite a dancer. Love the group scene at the end and the sad soldier boy. Simulated sex scenes are great too, especially the role reversal. She really knows how to up the ante in her video stories. Like this one a lot. Good for you Gaga! You can do anything.

  3. Thatsnotmyname says:

    This video is absolutley amazing. It is extremely entertaining to watch, and whoever produced and choreagraphed it did an amazing job.

  4. KrazyKristen123 says:

    i wasn’t impressed. i thought it had nothing to do with the song. it was completely confusing and the “sex” scenes where a little to out there. as far as dancing goes she is damn good at it and i respect that. i am a huge gaga fan but this video didn’t live up to what i expected.

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  6. Whatever says:

    Dumb video, TERRIBLE song. Not catchy, and she’s like a circus act in the video, but only, she’s in her underwear. When things get too intentionally shocking like she’s done with her whole image construction machine behind her, she’s become a parody of herself without realizing it.

    I didn’t buy her sexuality for a second in the video, and the overwrought “men-in-the-position-of-a-woman” bit is a little too overdone.

  7. regie says:

    lots of madonna elements seen, but with her own take of things…her longevity in music industry might be something to look forward to.

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