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Westinghouse Enters 3D TV Market

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Another company enters the 3D television market, this time it’s Westinghouse. According to a report, a 47-inch LCD set, currently only known by its model number of W47S2TCD, will have a passive 3D display and will include four pairs of glasses.

The resolution will be set at 1080p, and will have 3D noise reduction and inverse 3:2 pulldown for films. One disadvantage though would be its lack of web connectivity that high-end 3D TVs typically offer.

But the lack of internet will definitely make up for the price, which is suggested at $1,119 for retail in stores such as Best Buy, Costco and Target.

This move will definitely be another considered brand in the market that is currently being enjoyed by samsung 3d tvs, Vizio and other brands.

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