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What Exactly Is That Blob In Alaska?

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In Wainwright, a tiny village in Alaska, a group of hunters first discovered the blob. It’s a dark, floating mass that stretches for miles on the Chukchi Sea. It was fibrous and almost black.

Initial speculations said that it could be an oil slick, or a sea water organism. But the mystery is now solved. So what exactly is that blob in Alaska?


The US Coast Guard was alerted of the finding and they took samples of the blob for analysis in a laboratory in Anchorage. The blob was treated as if it was an oil products, says Coast Guard Petty Officer Terry Hasenauer.

But test results says that the blob is actually a plant – a bloom of algae to be exact.

Algal blooms are fairly common in US coastlines and while some are toxic, most of them are harmless. This Arctic blob is currently being tested for toxicity and the public is warned not to do anything with them until results are out.

Currently, the blob is slowly drifting farther away from the coast and moving into the vast Arctic Ocean.


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Category: Human Interest, Science, Travel

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