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Why Did T.R. Knight Leave Grey’s Anatomy? The Truth Revealed

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When T.R. Knight left Grey’s Anatomy, everyone asked why? And the truth has not yet been revealed until now.

In a recent interview, T.R. Knight or Dr. George O’Malley has finally spoken why he left Seattle Grace after five seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. And this is what he had to say.


Knight felt that his work is beginning to dwindle in the show. This can also be seen as George’s screen time also became less than usual at the onset of the show’s fifth season. Knight bravely said that he felt that his character had “expired.”

Knight also admitted that there is a misunderstanding between himself and series executive producer Shonda Rhimes that eventually led to a “breakdown of communication” over the years. This has subsequently affected George O’Malley’s influence and distinction at Seattle Grace.

Of course, there was also the factor of Isaiah Washington when he used an anti-gay slur towards Knight.

What did BFF Katherine Heigl had to say about the decision? In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she says: “I didn’t think it was the right decision. I felt like some of the problems could be worked through. But by the time it came to fruition, I was [glad] for him because he was ready to go.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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