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YoyoJam Is Making Yoyos Fun Again

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The Yoyo first existed as a hunting weapon before it got innovated to be a toy. It’s popularity has waned over the years because of the invention of gaming consoles and devices.

But one company, YoYoJam, is making yoyos fun again with their new line of yoyos and other toys.

A popular American brand, yoyojam broke onto the scene in 2000 with their YoYoJam SpinFaktor and has since produced many successful yo-yos.

Yoyojam is creating a number of innovations, including the o-ring response system, annular metal weight rings attached to plastic yo-yos and the thumb grind ring. Some of these inventions have been patented, allowing only YoYoJam access to these innovations.

YoYoJam is also renowned for approaching members of their Team YoYoJam and creating ‘signature series’ yo-yos to their specifications. This often results in very well designed yo-yos as the yo-yoers have a good idea of what creates a good yo-yo.

YoYoJam uses the same size bearings for almost all their yo-yos. This bearing size has become popular with other manufacturers and so many yo-yos come with “yoyojam-size bearings”. This enables yo-yoers to choose bearings that they like or replace old bearings easily as YoYoJam size bearings are readily available.

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Category: Gaming, Lifestyle


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