15 Beautiful Home Remodeling Ideas for 2020

15 Beautiful Home Remodeling Ideas for 2020


Most homeowners embark on home improvement projects when they move into a new space, it’s part of making your new house a home.

Apart from improving your quality of life, some home upgrades can bring you a 95% ROI if you eventually decide to sell the house too. Others just add appeal and interest to your new home.

These are some of the most aesthetic home remodeling ideas if a refurb is on the cards for you this year.

1. Revamp Your Porch

As the entrance to your home, your porch should reflect your welcoming and hospitable nature. Add some potplants, patch any broken spots on the woodwork, and revarnish it.

No porch is complete without seating so add a trendy hanging chair to complete the picture.

2. Paint the Front Door

Your front door’s the next port of call for visitors to your home. Make the most of it by painting it in a bright eye-catching color.

Lights and tall pot plants on either side add balance and boost your home’s curb appeal too. Don’t forget the welcome mat.

3. Add a Trendy Touch of Blue

Blue’s one of the most popular front door colors but it’s also one of the top colors for feature walls right now.

Navy blue’s the preferred shade in interior design right now. You can use it to add a pop of interest and regal appeal to any room in your home.

4. Include Vintage Accents

A few touches of vintage never hurt anyone and they’re still in fashion this year. Even modern homes can benefit from a few interesting blasts from the past scattered about.

You can also get away with furniture that sports spooled legs and spindles but don’t overdo it. One element’s enough.

5. Implement Contrast

Black and white are having a moment in design this year too. You can use these colors on checkerboard floors and walls, artwork, or furniture.

For instance, black chairs with white upholstery are bang on trend this year.

6. Get Creative With Paint

Nothing updates a home quicker than a coat of paint. Don’t opt for the bland colors of yesteryear though.

Nowadays anything goes on walls and ceilings. You can use off-the-wall colors, stencils, and even stickers in your designs.

7. Place Art Everywhere

Art’s always been an asset to any home. Now it’s spilling out of the living room and onto walls everywhere else.

It’s okay to add art to your kitchen and bathroom walls too nowadays and vintage prints are all the rage.

8. Add Some Color to Your Floors

Rugs not only add an interesting focal point to a large room, but they also improve your comfort and warmth underfoot.

There are hundreds of different types to choose from, so take your time choosing one that fits in with your decor so it doesn’t look like an afterthought.

Some of the better types of rugs for a cozy luxurious touch include oriental rugs, Berber rugs, and Persian rugs.

9. Bring the Outdoor Furniture Inside

Rattan and wicker have come in from the cold during 2020. These pieces are making their way into lounges and dining rooms anywhere.

They add texture and interest to any space and you can use these materials in tables, chairs, and lighting according to your decor preferences.

10. Freestanding Tubs

At last, these romantic relics are making a comeback. So, if you’re one of the 50% of new homeowners who are replacing their tub, now’s your chance to step back in time.

You can also get modern flat-bottomed designs if the classic claw-footed tub doesn’t match your design style.

11. Curved Sofas

Olde-world bathtubs aren’t the only trend focused on classic creature comforts. Curved sofas are also back in vogue.

You only need one to add some wonderful 60’s and 70’s appeal to your sitting room.

12. Colorful Kitchens

The long-lived white kitchen trend is on its way out. All-wood cabinets and other fixtures are among the most popular kitchen trends, but you can also opt for more colorful ideas.

If you don’t want to repaint your entire kitchen you can restrict your efforts to colorful cabinets or add an attractive mosaic backsplash instead.

13. Get Smart

If you’re replacing all or some of your appliances, think ahead.

Smart appliances are becoming a standard home improvement across the board in the race to reduce carbon emissions. These innovative gadgets help you save energy, cut costs, and protect the environment.

14. Give Your Vanities Some Va-va-voom

The bathroom’s one area where most homes can do with a little TLC, especially in older homes. Floating vanities, open vanities, repurposed vanities, and portable storage is standard in all the best-dressed bathrooms nowadays.

As one of the largest elements in your bathroom, the vanity sets the tone for everything. So, take the time to make yours the best they can be.

15. Outdoor Entertainment Areas

No modern home’s complete without somewhere to spend time with family and friends outdoors. A swish outdoor kitchen’s the dream of every homeowner, but an outdoor fire pit should be first on your list.

It’s easy to make your own fire pit using concrete and bricks so you can get hours of enjoyment making s’ mores and telling fireside tales late into the night.

Fireside seating’s easy to arrange by pulling up a chair, or you could build seating into a retaining wall, or repurpose some logs in place of benches.

More Home Remodeling Inspiration

Are you always on the lookout for awesome home remodeling ideas? You’re in the right place.

Take a look at our home improvement and home decor sections for more great advice on making your home more attractive, energy-efficient, and valuable.

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