5 Benefits You Didn’t Know About Wall Tiles

5 Benefits You Didn't Know About Wall Tiles

What comes to your mind when you think about installing the indoor tiles in your house? People usually think that installing the tiles in the house is all about covering only the floor with the tiles.  Covering the walls with them is common for bathrooms and kitchen. These are the typical places in a house where the walls stain and get ruined due to the constant contact of normal and soap water which causes permanent staining.

With tiles on the walls, the bathroom and the kitchen witness the right aesthetics as well as the protection. This ensures that you do not have to regularly clean up or repaint walls that get dirty.

Because the tiles are often made of ceramic, they are easy to clean and maintain as it is waterproof and stain proof.

While some may not agree to the installation of wall tiles, following are some of the benefits of having them installed:

You do not have to bother about repainting walls

The walls in the bathroom tend to get exposed to steam, moisture, water splashes as well as soapy water. At the kitchen too, food spills, oil splashes or even soapy water while dishwashing stain the walls. This is where you have to constantly repaint or clean the walls as such stains don’t make a good sight while also allowing the growth of mould , and fungi. With wall tiles in place, all you need to do is wipe with a moist cloth and some cleaning liquid (if the stain is stubborn), and you get to see it clean all over again.

It adds to the aesthetics

When you have wall tiles installed in the bathroom and kitchen, both these places get to look neat and tidy. Choosing the colour of the tiles according to the décor or the colour of the walls makes it look even more attractive. Since it is easy to clean whenever it gets stained, you can always put across a look that is nice and appealing.

It is easy to maintain

Even though you have your wall covered with the plastic emulsion, removing stains caused by water, soap or anything else can be difficult where you have to use a cleaning liquid and rub over the area repeatedly. With wall tiles, things tend to change drastically, for the better results! All you have to do is take a moist cloth and wipe the surface of the tiles. The stains are removed with a single stroke, and it gets to shine all over again.

It doesn’t fade

After a certain time period, wall paint in the bathroom and kitchen tends to fade especially when you clean it repeatedly. Dealers and installers for wall tiles in Sydney agree that when there are wall tiles in place, the walls do not eat up much of the maintenance costs, and the walls stay intact for years altogether. Ceramic tiles have this distinct shine to itself, and no matter how much you wipe or clean it, it stays the same throughout.

It keeps the indoor air healthy

When there are food stains or even soapy water on the walls, there is the growth of mould, mildew and fungi that are known to contaminate the indoor air. It affects and compromises the overall health of your family. When there are tiles installed on the walls, you clean them as soon as there is a stain and therefore there is no question of mould or fungi contaminating the air.

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