5 Improvements You Can Make While Renovating Your Bathroom

5 Improvements You Can Make While Renovating Your Bathroom

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Renovating your bathroom is a good idea especially when you know the repairs will cost you more and it looks purely old-fashioned. Bathroom renovations in Turramurra can be easier when you make some significant improvements. Revamping your bathroom will not only upgrade its style but also add value to your home. You can adapt your bathroom according to your present needs. If you had a small family but there is an addition in the number of family members now, remodelling your bathroom would help to meet the needs of your family. This blog will provide you information on the improvements you can make while you revamp your bathroom.

1. Textured tiles

While you have tons of choices when it comes to tiles & flooring, you ought to make the right choice during bathroom renovations in Turramurra. Pay much attention to the floor tiling of your shower to transform the look & feel of the space. You may choose textured but small shower tile. Textured tiles can be a good idea mainly because extra grouting and the texture prevent you from slipping in the bathroom even when the floor is wet or soapy. This is a surprising benefit of textured tiles. Most of these tiles are easy to maintain and clean. They use grouts that can resist humidity, mould, and stains.

2. Avoiding bathtubs

Most of the people install bathtubs in their bathrooms and later regret doing the same because they hardly use it. Many other people install bathtubs only because they feel they should. Installation of bathtubs is not mandatory, especially if you do not have time to take long baths. Although bathtubs enhance the visual appeal of the bathroom, the concept does not fit in today’s scenario. If you love to take long baths, you must keenly look forward to installing a bathtub.

3. Improving the lighting

The lighting of the bathroom can make a huge difference in the look & feel of your bathroom.  Not every bathroom has access to natural light. Ample lighting is necessary to brighten the look of the space. Many times, inadequate lighting can make your bathroom appear dull. You may opt for a dim light for bathroom renovations in Turramurra rather than going for the main lights. Dim lights set the right mood for a leisurely bath. Recessed fixtures give the best lighting possible around the mirror.

4. Hidden tank toilets

Low-flow hidden tank toilets offer various benefits. If you are planning a bathroom remodelling, give a thought to hidden tank toilets, especially if you have a small bathroom. Such designs can help you save a lot of space in the bathroom. The low-flow models also help to save water. So, this is purely a smart choice.

5. Ventilation

Sufficient ventilation is necessary for a bathroom. You cannot have a clean bathroom with trapped humidity inside it. This is because there is insufficient ventilation. Also, a bathroom fan is not always a good idea in comparison to natural ventilation.


Bathroom renovations can make your bathroom stylish and equally functional. Consider these minor improvements for your bathroom space that can make a huge difference.

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