5 Reasons Why Septic System Maintenance is Important

5 Reasons Why Septic System Maintenance is Important

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There’s a whole other world beneath your toilet.

Your septic system pumps the waste out of your house. It lets wastewater flow away, reducing odors and harmful substances in your property. The septic system is very important, but few people know about it.

Even fewer people know about septic system maintenance. You need to keep your system functional and updated. Here are five reasons why maintenance is so important.

1. Chemicals Clog Your Septic System

When people see a clog in the pipes, they grab drain cleaners. They pour some Liquid Plumber down the toilet and call it a day.

But the chemicals in Liquid Plumber actually hurt the septic tank. Tanks have good bacteria that break down solids and waste. Chemicals kill this bacteria, causing clogs in pipes.

Septic-safe products are available, but they are not entirely effective. They may miss spots where clogs are forming. For peace of mind, hire a maintenance company that will clean your whole system.

2. Septic System Maintenance Helps Your Lawn

When water goes down the drain, it goes into your septic tank. Solids and liquids separate, with the liquids flowing to your drain field. Your drain field filters out water, and water releases into the groundwater.

If your septic system is clogged, groundwater can’t flow. If your septic system overflows, contaminated water can travel into your ground, spreading bacteria.

You run the risk of catching E. coli and other harmful infections. Contaminated water kills grass, flowers, and trees.

If you want a beautiful lawn, you need a good supply of groundwater. For good groundwater, you need to maintain your septic tank.

3. Fast Septic System Maintenance Promotes the Life of Your System

Maintenance is not difficult. A company arrives to inspect your system. They view here and there, and they install new parts if your system needs them.

New parts include grinder pumps and tank risers. These parts can last years, breaking down solid wastes and allowing smooth flow. You may need an appointment every couple of years, but your system will work fine.

Most septic systems last two decades with simple maintenance measures. Don’t flush non-waste objects down the toilet, and check your system on a regular basis.

4. Your Septic System Is Vast

Your system is a lot more than your septic tank. It includes the drains in your sinks, toilets, and showers. It also includes the pipes attached to all of those drains.

You need to maintain every drain and pipe in your system. One clog can cause serious problems. You can stay on top of all your pipes, but getting help from professionals preserves your entire system.

5. Cold Weather Throws Off Your System

You’ve probably experienced frozen pipes. Any pipe in your septic system can freeze, clogging your system and contaminating the water.

Your ground can also freeze. Your manhole cover can stick to the ground, making it difficult to access. If you want to save yourself time, focus on septic system maintenance in the summer.

Be Thankful for Your Septic Tank

The septic system is one of the most underrated parts of a home. People don’t think about septic system maintenance often. They should.

Chemicals can clog the system, spreading bacteria through pipes and groundwater. Fast and thorough maintenance can preserve a system for decades. Hire a company that will look at all parts of a system in the summertime.

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