5 Things to Consider While Planning Interiors for Your Real Homes

5 Things to Consider While Planning Interiors for Your Real Homes

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Owing a home is every man’s dream. People generally prefer buying properties near-by to their workplaces so that they can spend quality time with their family. The upcoming townships of New town, Rajarhat, Garia, offer flats with all possible amenities. Residing in flats in Rajarhat will give you the opportunity to reside near to the IT hub in Sector 5.

Moving into a new home brings joy and happiness to everyone’s life. But the difficult task is to design the interiors in a soothing way. Planning interiors for your homes doesn’t have any fixed timing or doesn’t follow any rule. When you are planning to buy a new home in a posh location like flats in Rajarhat, New Town, New Garia or may be in any other cities like Delhi, Mumbai and son, you aim to design your flat in a lavish manner.

Your home needs to be designed when you have bought a new one. But, if you want to remodel or redesign your existing home you have plan accordingly. Planning a new home is easier than remodeling the existing one. Sometimes smallest things can create a great impact. A realignment in your furniture or may be light shades can change the design of your room. Few tips and tricks are –

  1. Not all rooms in apartments are designed in similar manner specially the carpet area. No one likes a room to be small. But to feel a small room larger you can paint the room with light shades.
  2. If you feel your living room is dark during sunny days, you can use designer mirrors to add instant light in your living space
  3. During summer, not only flat in Rajarhat but entire Kolkatans suffer from heat. So, for soothing yourself in this hot summer you can add some green plants in your living room or any other rooms for freshness and coolness.
  4. To change the design of your living room or bedroom, you can either use textured paints for your walls or stick wallpapers. If you don’t have false ceilings you can opt for one with small LED lights.

For new homes, designing an interior includes – the appealing shades you choose for your rooms, furniture which must match your area, kitchen to be developed with modern appliances and so on.

Few things you can keep in mind while planning interiors for your real estate home

  1. In interior designing process, space planning is the first. Space planning includes covering interior spatial areas, thereby defining circulation patterns, and sketching plans for furniture layout and equipment placement. Interior designing means you must use your space efficiently and effectively.

Suppose you are planning to buy furniture – bed, sofa set, TV unit etc. Before entering the shop you must have a measurement of your entire apartment. Do not simply enter into a shop and buy any furniture which you like. Even the color which you choose for the sofa must match with the shade you apply for your living room. The same goes with any furniture you are planning to buy. Do not just dump in furniture in your apartment.

  1. Measurement plays a vital role. Layer the details carefully to your designer.

Take the measurement of the length and width of each room you are planning to decorate. Also, make note of the ceiling because nowadays most of the ceilings are low height. You must also make a note of any obstructions which may come in the area you have chosen to keep your sofa or any other furniture.

  1. Have you decided on the manner in which you would like to live in your home? How many of you will reside? Are there any children? These questions will help you a lot in deciding how the rooms will be designed. Whether you want to have provision of a TV unit in your bedroom, how you must design your kid’s room, which room or space will be suitable for puja unit and so on.
  1. Now comes the most important part of your planning – budget. Whatever you plan, you must plan your budget, how much you can spend on your interiors. Don’t spend too much on interior decorations as you have to keep an amount every month for your maintenance and repair. Maintenance and repair doesn’t involve your apartment alone but the entire society where you are residing. Therefore, do not simply go to shops and buy things unnecessarily. Spend accordingly as per your budget.
  1. The final phase of your interior design is the paint. Whatever furniture your buy for your home, the pleasing shades of your walls will give a soothing sensation and provide good match with your furniture. It is always better to paint your apartment first before you move your furniture or other accessories into the space.

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