Choosing a Project for Your Garden

Choosing a Project for Your Garden


Having a garden space is a great opportunity to create something special, whether that is an area to grow food or a plot for a personal gym; there are numerous possibilities for your outdoor space. Such pursuits should not be seen as luxurious endeavours either as they can not only be done in affordable ways but they can even create extra income for your home.

If you’re looking at an empty space behind your home or perhaps thinking of choosing a new project for your garden, then here are some ideas for your inspiration.

Office Space

Working remotely and from home is becoming an increasingly common situation for many professionals. Now, homeowners are beginning to actively consider home offices as part of their property’s layout. Both small and spacious rooms are being transformed into dedicated working spaces, appropriate for video conferences and the keeping of files and equipment.

As some homes are restricted by space, outdoor set-ups are being created instead. Buildings, such as sheds, annexes, and summer houses, are being built and designed for working at home. They not only allow a dedicated and professional space to work in but they also keep you separate from your home, which means you are free from distraction and, at the end of the day, can keep your personal and professional life totally separate.


As staycations and alternative accommodation become more popular, rooms are being cleared out and transformed across the UK to allow for guests to stay in private, residential homes. Attics, spare rooms, and basements are all getting spruced up and listed on websites, such as Airbnb, allowing homeowners to meet new people and earn a little extra income too.

Building external structures in your garden, such as log cabins, can be a simple and low-cost way to turn your garden into a money-making stay. Guests are kept separate from your home, free to come and go as they please, and your garden becomes a usable stay for guests, as well as personal friends and family, all year round.

Grills and Ovens

The UK has a fascination with food, whether it’s the latest cooking show or a Christmas bestseller cookbook. As a result, more people are cooking at home and in increasingly interesting ways. Items, such as dehydrators and smokers, are appearing in kitchens and cupboards are being stocked with za’atar and saffron.

If you’re gastronomically-inclined, then you might want to consider getting serious with your garden space. Adobe clay pizza ovens, homemade smokers, and vegetable patches are perfect for a garden. Building them will allow you to really explore your food interests while supporting you to produce restaurant-quality food. Perfect for entertaining family and friends – or starting your own food business!


Gyms are ubiquitous in almost every city and town nationwide. Staying in shape is a popular pursuit and keeps gym memberships in demand. However, as routines and classes begin appearing online, and gym equipment becomes more affordable, people are creating their own set-ups at home.

The downside is that often gym equipment is large or requires a wide and clear area of activity for usage. Establishing a dedicated outdoor space or construct, is an ideal way to maintain your workout at home while saving on fees. Building a small gym can be done simply, even by transforming a modest shed. With the right flooring and a little soundproofing, you’ll be able to work out privately without having to pay any regular fee at all.

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