Different Kinds of Shower Heads That Remain Suitable for Your House

Different Kinds of Shower Heads That Remain Suitable for Your House

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If you are looking for best and cheap shower heads for your house, you need to know about the various types and models available in the market. It comes in a traditional single spray model to luxury rainfall option.

Most people think that it is simple to select a showerhead but when you see the options and models, you would feel confused about what to choose and how to purchase. Well, selecting the shower head mostly depends upon your requirement, budget, likes, and dislikes. Some people like outdated handheld showerhead whereas some prefer sliding bar shower head. It is necessary to check and read about all the latest models before planning to purchase one or more shower heads. You should also know the benefits and costs of each model before shortlisting.

Rain Shower Head

The rain shower head is also referred to as the square shower head. It has a unique design with high-end rainfall showerhead. As it is square in shape it is also called square shower head. It consists of 324 tapered nozzles and comes with 5 replacements. It is possible to mount the shower head on the ceiling or on the wall. As it can be mounted on both surface, you do not have to think about surface strength in your bathroom. It is ultra-thin and measures about 16 inches. The weight of the rain shower head is approximately 4.5 pounds. It comes with a 1-year warranty. It is a popular model in the market as it is not like other showerheads. It works best even when the pressure of water is low.

Single Spray Shower Head

The single spray showerhead models have an adjustable nozzle where you can change the water patterns. It is a traditional model and comes standard in all the bathrooms. It is affordable and remains as the favourite choice for people with limited budget. The best part of this shower head is, it can be customized as per the user’s requirement. The cost of a single spray showerhead model would range between $5 and $50. It can be expensive when the finishing of the shower head differs.

Handheld Shower Head

This model is popular for its flexibility. The handheld showerhead can be detached from the wall. It comes with long hoses. It helps the users to wash hard to access areas. It also works best for users with limited mobility or in seated showers. The cost of a handheld shower would range from $30 to $150.

Dual or Multiple Shower Heads

When you have multiple shower heads, you can experience water streaming in numerous places. There will be only one level to control the entire water supply. The shower heads also come with a diverter valve. It helps the users to utilize one shower at that particular time.

You have to check the design when you are selecting multiple shower heads. In certain models, the shower head would be attached together. In some models, the shower heads would occupy at a distance of few feet.

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