Drones Have Revolutionized Pest Control in These Cools Ways

Drones Have Revolutionized Pest Control in These Cools Ways

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New technology will always revolutionize any industry. One of the most exciting pieces of technology these days are drones. Every day innovative and exciting applications are being discovered for drones. This technology is now used in the film industry, for disaster relief, and also for oil gas, and mineral exploration. Another industry which is being revolutionized by drones is the pest control business. But how are drones helping pest control specialists? Here are just a few of the ways.

1. Surveying large job sites

Drones allow pest control technicians to quickly survey large job sites. Drones give them the ability to remotely inspect large sites and do it with increased speed. It also allows them to survey hard to reach places such as the tops of roofs or down drain pipes. Instead of going up there with a ladder you can just a send a drone. This is a great way to save time (it also means you don’t have to move a ladder around).

Implementing drones in pest control surveys also means you can cut down on manpower. What’s also great about drones, says Glen from Diamond Pest Control, is that they can survey areas which may be dangerous for humans. For example, with drones, technicians do not have to climb onto dangerous areas like roofs.

If you’re going to use drones to survey job sites, it’s important that you employ a skilled operator. Flying a drone is actually harder than it seems. For example, avoiding power lines is difficult and will take some experience as a drone operator.

2. Performing pest control inspections

Drones can also be used to perform pest control inspection. Even better, they can do it remotely and save an enormous amount of time and effort. A good example of this is using drones to monitor bait traps. Instead of physically inspecting these traps, which requires manual labour and time, you can simply send a drone.

3. Fighting agricultural pests

Drones have proven to be particularly helpful in fighting agricultural pests. They give pest control technicians the ability to monitor large areas of crops. Some drones can also be fitted with monitoring equipment such as sensors, which can detect the presence of certain pests. Finally, drones can also be used to quickly disperse pesticide. Implementing drones in this way also helps to cut labour costs, time, and protect humans from pesticides.

Another way that drones are used to control agricultural pests is through something called bio-control. This is basically where drones are used to drop insects which are natural predators of pest insects.

4. Removing birds

One of the best uses of drones is when fighting against bird infestations. In this arena drones can be utilized in dozens of ways. Drones are great for scaring away birds or driving them out of a particular spot. Most nuisance birds have a fear of predators and strange objects. This makes drones the perfect solution for getting rid of them. Using drones for pest control is also a great eco-friendly pest control solution.

 Also, birds often roost in high, dangerous and difficult to reach places. With drones these areas can be inspected more easily. You can fly a drone up and see what needs to be done, and only then send in technicians. Drones also allow you to inspect bird proofing methods and asses if they need to be adjusted. By doing this you can save money and get the job done faster.

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