Help for bed bugs: The need for pest control

Help for bed bugs: The need for pest control

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Many homeowners are unaware of the presence of bed bugs in their homes. Unlike termites that thrive on wood, bed bugs feed on humans and other animals, and therefore, these insects are typically found in and around the bed. What are the common signs of infestation? Some might ask, “will alcohol kill bed bugs”? When should you call pest control? Here are the answers you need.

Spotting the signs

Since bed bugs are most active at night, it is unlikely that you would spot these insects in daylight. You may, however, find spots and blood marks on your linens and bedding and may have unexplained marks on your body. Since these insects shed wings, you may also find discarded body parts. While not known to carry diseases, bed bugs can impact your sleep. More than anything else, it’s a nuisance to find bed bugs at home. 

Will alcohol kill bed bugs?

We all know that alcohol is a great sanitizer, but bed bugs thrive on wood and can walk in sterile spaces too. These insects can produce a very odd odor, and with alcohol, you can expect to get rid of that. Although alcohol can kill a bed bug you may find insight, that it wouldn’t get rid of the problem. 

Should you call pest control?

The short answer is yes. Alcohol and store-bought products may help to an extent, but if you want to get rid of bed bugs completely, professional pest control is the best choice. The company you choose will send a team to look for signs of infestation, and if they cannot find the same, they may use monitoring devices. Treatments may involve EPA-registered chemicals and heat. Cryogenic freezing and fumigation can be considered too. The good news is you can expect to get help if the problem resurfaces. Many exterminators even have a warranty for their pest control work. 

Choosing a pest control company

Always look for a company that’s licensed, locally-owned, and reliable. Check if the pest control company has insurance, which can help deal with losses caused by accidents. Also, ask the company if they are taking measures to minimize the impact of their work. Many local companies are now relying on eco-friendly pest control products, which are also safer for other animals. 

The cost of bed bug extermination depends on many factors, but a pest control company can give you an estimate in advance.

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