How Can I Be More Eco-Friendly?

How Can I Be More Eco-Friendly?

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The average person in the modern world generates a lot of CO² emissions as they go about their day; driving, public transport and even jet air travel, are all major causes of climate change, and while you might not be prepared to give up air travel, there are things you can do at home to reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Climate Control – This is the obvious place to look when determining the energy efficiency of your home, and if your a/c has seen better days, you might want to consider installing a state-of-the-art HVAC climate control system, which will offer you significant fuel savings from day one.
  • Windows & Doors – If you haven’t already got energy efficient windows, this should be a priority, as some Australian homeowners report energy savings of up to 40%, and keeping your interior at a comfortable temperature will see you using less energy. Search online for a local UPVC window supplier and ask them to quote for the project – taking out a home improvement loan would give you a low rate of interest – not to mention the many other benefits, which include better home security, improved sound insulation and an aesthetic boost.
  • Cycle to Work – Unless you have to drive a couple of hours to get to work, why not take up cycling? With the right bike and safety gear, you can not only save energy, you can boost your fitness levels at the same time. Many people have adopted biking to work into their lives, and with a win-win outcome, it is definitely worth consideration. If you aim to use your car less frequently, this will also make a difference; you could go to work with a friend and share the costs, which is known as car-pooling in the US.
  • Recycle – Of course, recycling is something we should all be doing, and with some thought, most of us can find ways to recycle that we hadn’t considered. Buying products that are made from recycled plastics is a great idea, and there are many online suppliers of eco-friendly products that all make a slight difference. Keep all recyclable materials and make sure they go to a waste management company that only recycles, which will be another way to reduce your negative impact on our blue planet.
  • Take Note of What you Buy – Seriously, most of us have little idea what happened to create the product we have just purchased, and by researching more about eco-friendly products, you can become wiser and thus reduce your carbon footprint a little more. If more consumers took the time to research products, this would make a huge difference, and it is hoped that the next generations of consumers are more educated about environmental issues and make the right choices.

If we all take a few minutes to actually think of ways to reduce our carbon footprint, it quickly becomes clear we have lots of choices, and with the planet in such desperate need for help, we all have to pool together and do the right thing.

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