How Long Does It Take to Pack a House for a Move? A Basic Guide

How Long Does It Take to Pack a House for a Move? A Basic Guide

Starting the moving process is overwhelming at times. The idea of closing one chapter and starting a new one is exciting. The idea of having to pack up your entire home and then unpack all your belongings in a new one might be less than exciting.

There’s a lot to be done, but how long does it take to pack a house? When should you start packing your belongings in relation to your move date? What can you expect when you’re trying to pack?

In the guide below, you’ll learn how long it takes to pack a house and a few other things about packing a house as well. Continue reading below to get started.

Your Own Timeline

What does your own timeline look like? If you have no plan or timeline to follow, then the moving process might take longer than needed. When you’re organized and have a schedule to follow, this helps speed up the time you spend packing.

To get started, know your move date. Is this the date you want to have everything packed up by or an earlier date? Then, you’ll need to take inventory of all items in the house.

Taking inventory will give you a good idea about how much stuff you have. Be sure to break things down room by room and have all your packing supplies ready. If you start early enough, then you can create a timeline when you want each room in the house completely packed by.

The Size of the House

There’s no specific answer to this question. The amount of time it takes to pack a house will depend on the size of the house and the number of belongings you have in it. These factors should be taken into consideration when forming your timeline.

On average, a two-bedroom house will take about 3-6 hours. A three-bedroom house will take about 6-8 hours. A four-bedroom house will take about 8-10 hours, and a house with 5 bedrooms or more will take 10-12 hours to pack.

These times don’t include breaks, so be sure to factor that in as well. You should also factor in the type of items you’re packing. If you have lots of fragile items, then these will need extra care when being packed.

For example, wine glasses will need more attention while packing, than many other items. Read through this helpful guide for more on that.

With or Without Help

The amount of time you take to pack your house will also depend on if you have help or not. If you recruit some friends and family to help, then they can decrease the packing time. Hiring professional movers is another way to make the process go much faster.

When you hire the professionals, they’ll give you an estimate of the cost and the timeframe depending on the size of your house and a few other factors. If you’ve sorted through all your belongings, have taken inventory, and have everything ready to go, then your house will be packed up by professionals much quicker.

Stop Wondering, “How Long Does It Take to Pack a House,” and Get Some Answers

After reading through this guide, we hope you can now stop wondering, “how long does it take to pack a house,” and start the process! Use the information listed above to help you formulate your own timeline and schedule to stick to.

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