How Much Does Garage Door Repair Cost? A Price Guide

How Much Does Garage Door Repair Cost? A Price Guide

You’ve just pulled into your driveway after a long day. You press the button on your garage door opener, expecting the same quick rise of the door you see every day.

Except it’s not opening. And upon further inspection, some of the gears seem damaged.

The good news is that it may be a simple fix. The bad news is that you’re looking at some unexpected expenses.

Garage door issues can cost a pretty penny. So how much should you expect to pay for repair services or parts?

Keep reading as we look at some of the biggest factors that determine the cost of garage door repair.

Exploring the Average Cost

According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of fixing a garage door in the United States sits between $148 and $341. While that might seem like a major discrepancy, it all comes down to a few factors.

First, you have to consider the price of replacement parts. Most parts, like springs, gears, and weathering strips, shouldn’t cost much at all. However, sensor repair or door replacement is going to drive the cost up by a considerable amount.

You can expect to pay more if you don’t have a readily available set of tools, too.

Hiring a Repair Service

If you’re not comfortable repairing the damaged garage door yourself, or if the project is too complex, there’s no shame in enlisting the aid of a local repair service.

At the same time, hiring a repair company will cost you more than repairing the door yourself (provided you don’t accidentally make the problem worse during your DIY repair that is). You’re spending more for a good reason, though.

Not only are you paying for the materials and tools needed to fix garage door problems, but you’re paying for expertise and labor.

While it might cost more upfront, the peace of mind you get from knowing an expert solved the problem is often worth the asking price.

Check for Discounts

One quick tip for readers looking to hire someone to repair your garage door: it never hurts to ask if they offer any financial incentives.

Some companies may offer financing, for example, which can come in handy if the cost of repairs is more than you can afford at the moment. Others, like, offer special price reductions like military or senior discounts.

Your best bet is to check first with the company’s website. If you don’t see anything listed, it doesn’t hurt to get in touch and ask an employee. At worst, they’ll say no, but if there are special offers you could save quite a bit of cash.

Examining the Cost of Garage Door Repair

Your best bet is to budget at least $150 for your garage door repair, whether you’re bringing on some help or tackling the task yourself.

Again, it comes down to the exact problem you’re dealing with. Part replacements shouldn’t cost much, but frame adjustments or door damage is a different story.

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