How to estimate roof renovation cost

How to estimate roof renovation cost


A roof is an important and basic part of your home and facilitate a powerful function of keeping you dry and safe from the component, and renovating it can be a notable expensive. According to survey, in average, roof remains good about 20 years and then it is needed to be replacement. When leaks start it should remake or renovate rapidly to protect major internal water ruining and mold’s growth. Basically, New roof replacement carries low cost. The price to renovate the roof on many homes ranges from $4,000 to $10,000, and most expend about $8,000. This cost can be much for bigger homes. such as, homes having complex roof designs, or when renovate much costly materials. there are many types if roofing. Mostly, homes are with an asphalt shingle roof, but few with wood, metal, tile, and slate which would be much costly.

(Dachsanierung Kosten)Roofing material is approximated by the square, that equalize 100 square feet. The average measurement of roof is 1,000 to 1,500 square feet which is equal to 10-15 squares. In this article, we will discuss about estimation of costs of roof renovation that vary according to measurements and material used.

Roofing material types:

There are various variety of roofing materials, and the selection of material can be an important aspect in restriction appeal and the outlook of your home. The selection of good material based on your personal choices, priorities, and budget.

Asphalt shingle:

3-tab asphalt shingle Is the most usual and expensive roofing material. Mostly, these shingles cost $150-$200 per square on average. A normal 3-tab shingle estimated to lasts for 25 years of roof.

Architectural Shingle:

Architectural shingles are a various designs of asphalt shingle that are deeper than a 3-tab shingle and laminate for a superior appearance. These shingles mostly cost $200-$400 per square. 30 or 50 year varieties are available of Architectural shingles.

Wood shake or cedar:

Wood shingles like cedar shake have a clear appearance and differentiate color to a beautiful gray with the passage of time. Cedar shake mostly cost $300-$500 per square and remain for 30 years. however attractive, wood shingles are more susceptible to fire and may require to deal to protect mold and insect ruin.


Metal roofs like steel panels provide a long life serving and are highly unfluctuating. Steel can also be colored to correspond the design of the home. Steels panels cost $300-$800 per square. One another great choice is Copper panels but are much costly and it ranges to $1,500 per square.


Tile roofs are offered in various forms, designs, and colors and they can enhance the attraction of your home to great extent. Normally, Tile is manufactured with concrete, clay, or other ceramic materials and average costs $500-$800 per square. Tile roofing is very far lasting and strong if it is installation is good.


roofing with Slate stone is much durable material available and can survive over 100 years if installed proper. Slate is also an extremely graceful choice. Slate is one of the cost-effective selections and can cost $600-$1,500 per square or even more than it. Installation of Slate is very hard and for this installation, you should contact a professional roofing contractor.

Labor cost for roof installation:

new roof installation is a time consuming project and labor costs appear as a significant amount in total price of installation. for labor, many roofers will take charges near about $300 per square. This can changes depending on location and labor rates of the area.

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