Innovative Interiors: 3 Benefits of a Sliding Wall System

Innovative Interiors: 3 Benefits of a Sliding Wall System


Sliding walls systems have been around for nearly 2,000 years. They were one of the many interior innovations first popularized in the Roman Empire.

Before then, doors were simplistic versions of the same push and pull doors we have today. The only real innovation was in the use of new materials, like different types of wood or stone.

It’s not hard to see why they’ve stood the test of time. Sliding wall systems are fascinating and can add a sense of sophistication to any setting. Those are just a few of the many benefits these systems offer.

We’ll go into more detail about the benefits of this system in this article.

1. Large Selection of Materials

When designing a sliding wall system, you have a lot of choices of materials. This can be a great selling point when you’re trying to convince someone to install a sliding wall system.

You may need to think about materials depending on the details of your installation and setting. A sliding wood door may look great in a rural home setting, but it might not work as well in an office setting.

Glass, on the other hand, isn’t a good option for homes in high crime areas or where hailstorms are common.

2. Privacy

Privacy is one of the chief motivations for buying a home. We love our parents, but we can’t live with them forever. There are certain aspects of our lives that we’d like to keep to ourselves.

The same is true for siblings, children, and even our significant other. Just as people weren’t built to be alone for long stretches of time, we also weren’t built to never be alone.

Social health and mental health are an intricate balance. Having too much alone time can threaten our mental health. Having nothing to ourselves can be equally damaging.

3. Subtlety

Part of the reason sliding doors are considered interior innovation is because they work so seamlessly. Unlike swinging doors with those often-unsightly hinges, sliding door systems are built into the ceiling and wall.

This prevents visitors from having to look at the mechanism every time the door opens. This is also a great angle when you’re trying to design a home or other building where young kids might be running around.

Kids are rebellious and curious. They like to investigate and explore the world around them.

Who among us didn’t do something dumb as a kid just to test something? We knew we were going to get hurt. We could tell just by looking at whatever we were playing with, but we had to make sure.

With sliding wall systems, we don’t have to worry as much.

Interior Innovations and Why Sliding Walls are Among the Best

We’ve come up with countless interior innovations over the centuries. Perhaps one of the most fascinating is the sliding wall system, also known as a sliding door.

We’ve talked about a few advantages offered by these systems in this article, but each case has its own issues to consider. You may want to study up and see how your current project resembles others.

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