Is DIY Mold Remediation a Good Idea?


Does your house have mold in it? We’ve all been spending more time at home thanks to the pandemic and lockdowns so you might not have noticed what’s going on until now.

However, it’s precisely because we’re all now spending so much time at home that we have to get mold under control. Because increased exposure to mold can be damaging to our health and our breathing.

But should you attempt DIY mold remediation or should you hire an expert to save money? Here’s everything you need to know about DIY home mold remediation.

1. Cleaning it Yourself Might Not Be Effective

Cleaning mold yourself might not be effective. You might think that you’ve gotten rid of it only for it to come back with a vengeance weeks later.

Often the causes of mold are complex and challenging. They can be related to the structure of your building.

If your house wasn’t built with the right foundations then it could be part of a serious issue that needs rectifying and no matter how much you do to address the issue in the short term to fix it you will need to make some structural repairs.

Equally the mold might be due to water damage caused by an apartment above or below you. No matter how much you try to rectify the situation in your own home a permanent solution would need the consent of other apartments in your block.

And they might not be happy about your amateur attempts at cleaning up mold and would want to bring in an expert.

In fact, an expert might help you rectify any arguments or disputes that arise with your neighbors about mold.

2. You Can Make Yourself Ill

Dealing with mold regularly can make you ill and cause you to have lung difficulties.

It can be bad enough having long exposure to them in short does but if you are actively spending all of your time in the room where the mold is at its most potent trying to get rid of it you are likely to become very ill.

To rectify this, you could wear a mask but this is unlikely to provide you with the protection you need. The proper precautions are likely going to be difficult to follow without expert advice.

Don’t make yourself ill for no reason by trying to save money. You’re much better off paying out for an expert that you trust who can do the job for you whilst you move out for a few days.

Some expert mold remediation services can help you do this that you might want to consider hiring.

3. It Takes a Long Time

DIY home mold remediation can take a long time because you might not know exactly what you are doing. This requires you to follow lots of complex instructions on the internet or from experts over the phone.

We all live stressful lives, even with the lockdown and the last thing you want is to finish work only to find yourself spending hours trying to tackle your mold problem.

If you have a structural problem then you may well have to clear out an entire room and drill down into the foundations, removing the flooring. To do this you will need to prepare properly to ensure the rest of your house is not damaged beyond repair. Remember that damp is a silent demon that can take hold without you noticing.

Given the current restrictions in some states about COVID, you might find that you are unable to ask any of your friends or neighbors to help you as they would be breaking stay-at-home orders.

Furthermore, your options for moving out to a hotel or another house while you carry out the work might be somewhat limited or even impossible.

4. Testing and Procedures

The time it takes you to carry out the testing procedure for mold in your house as well as the amount you have to learn about the procedures might cost you more in both time and money than it would just to bring over an expert.

Often helplines can charge you a high rate and you might find yourself spending hours on the phone, waiting in a queue to get through to someone just to answer a simple question.

There’s also the cost of the tools themselves which could be considerable and you might struggle trying to rent them. You might even need to install a leak detection system to help you prevent leaks that lead to mold.

Hiring a company that would have the best equipment in their arsenal might work out much better value than simply attempting DIY mold remediation in homes yourself.

If you are serious about carrying about DIY mold remediation yourself then you might want to pursue an official certification course so that you yourself can become a for-hire contractor. This way any equipment or expenditure you pursue on your own DIY mold remediation will not go to waste.

DIY Mold Remediation Is A Lot of Work

DIY mold remediation is easy to fix if you have the right experts to help you. You could attempt it if you want to become a certified contractor in the future.

But if your motives are purely to save money then you are probably best simply hiring someone to carry it out for you so that you know the job has been carried out properly.

If you are interested in learning more about DIY mold remediation or DIY mold remediation products then be sure to check out the rest of our site.

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