Linoleum vs Laminate Flooring What's the Difference and Which Is Better

Linoleum vs Laminate Flooring What’s the Difference and Which Is Better


Unlike their British friends, America is not a nation in love with carpet flooring, but what is the alternative?

There are many options for your hardwood floor. If you are looking to replace a floor in your home, linoleum or laminate flooring are great and affordable choices, without the maintenance of real wood and lots of other benefits too.

We take a look at the differences between linoleum vs laminate and which is best.

Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum is often wrongly called vinyl flooring. Whilst they have a similar look and feel, vinyl flooring is made from PVC whilst linoleum is a green and natural alternative made from materials like linseed oil, saw or cork dust, limestone, or pine resin.

With proper care, linoleum flooring can last 40 years. It’s water-resistant, can be refinished if it gets a bit skewiff, and is completely biodegradable.

It’s used in places like schools because it has great durability and it’s easy to clean. A little soap and water will keep it looking brand new.

Linoleum has somewhat of a ‘budget’ reputation but it’s actually a great flooring option. It can come in a variety of colors or patterns, to look like wood, tile, or anything else you might want!

It usually comes in a roll but tiles are also available making it easy to replace a small area that may have been damaged. You can also get different thicknesses, making it softer underfoot if you’d like or even removing the need for underlay.

Its only downside is it can be tricky to install yourself. It takes a skilled hand to cut and trim linoleum flooring around the edges of your room and any corners or curves built-in aspects may bring.

Laminate Flooring

If you’re in love with wood floor, laminate might be the answer for you. It is made from high-density fibreboard, papered with the desired design, and laminated. It comes in planks, with special ridges that lock together to join each piece.

It has many of the same properties as linoleum, water resistance, super durable, and easy to maintain. A little soap and water will keep it clean without the need for any special tools or cleaning chemicals.

Laminate flooring is tough but it can still be damaged and is not as flexible to reworking as linoleum. Replacing a damaged plank can often mean removing the whole floor in order to access it.

It is however super easy to install yourself.

Linoleum vs Laminate

So what should you choose for the best floors? There’s not a lot in it, both laminate and linoleum are durable and easy to maintain, they have a great range of options available, so it may just come down to personal preference, sustainability, or self-installation.

The Best Floors

So there you have it! The differences between linoleum vs laminate flooring, both great choices, and both with very similar qualities.

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