Nelson Partners Discusses Investment Opportunities Associated with Student Housing Properties

Nelson Partners Discusses Investment Opportunities Associated with Student Housing Properties

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Investment property opportunities come in all sizes and shapes. There are a wide range of properties, as well as property investment strategies that one can explore. A well-planned strategy helps an investor to create developing a diverse investment portfolio for multiple stages of economic and proper investment strategy to make their choice from. It becomes an asset that is helpful in targeting the financial objectives of growth and yield effectively. There are multiple property development and management firms that can help in the process of acquiring and investing in real estate, Nelson Partners is one of the most reliable ones. This company majorly deals with student housing properties.

For many, it becomes difficult to find investment assets that pay a decent income. There is no value in simply putting cash in the bank. Investment property yields usually tend to be high, if the investors manage to make their choice smartly. If one includes the advantages of leveraging in property investment with an investment property management strategy, they could enjoy market-beating passive income. This is especially witnessed in certain flourishing asset classes, such as student housing investments.

The advantages of investing in student housing properties are several, here are some of them:

  • Student numbers are soaring: Even if the rising tuition fees in universities across the planet, a growing number of young people are opting for higher education.  This trend creates a huge demand for student accommodation.
  • Universities cannot keep up with student accommodation demand:  Traditionally, a lot of students used to live in the hall of residence present at the university campus itself. However, as the enrollments in these institutions keep increasing, not all of them are able to provide rooms to all students within the campus. Most of the universities these days just allow freshmen students to stay in their halls of residence, and have limited occupancy.  Hence, all the other students have no option but to seek out student housing rentals.  
  • Student accommodation is recession-proof: Students do not stop going to universities during a recession. In fact, an opposite situation takes place. As fewer jobs are available during an economic crisis, people try to pursue higher studies that will give them better odds to land a good job. Hence, student accommodation properties can be considered to be recession-proof, and offers a greater certainty of income for the buy-to-let investor.
  • Net yields are higher than many gross yields: Student accommodation tends to pay a better yield than just any run-of-the-mill buy-to-let investment property.

While options for student accommodation properties are many, purpose-built student accommodation tends to be the most attractive ones. There are many widely trusted companies associated with their development, including Nelson Partners.  Such properties come with all the benefits of living in halls of residence, including common rooms, Wi-Fi, and study areas. They usually are just a few minutes’ walk from the university campus, as well as enjoy good proximity to the local nightlife, shops, and work opportunities.

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