Old House, New Windows: How to Preserve Your Home’s Historic Beauty and Stay Energy Efficient

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Old homes have a distinct sort of beauty about them, but sometimes they can be less efficient and perhaps tricky to maintain.

This is true for windows in historic homes too — they can break easily, and be inefficient. You might be considered installing new windows, but will they affect your home’s classic beauty?

Not necessarily! There are plenty of reasons to install new windows, and we’ve explained them below. Just keep reading to find out why new windows could be right for you.

Why Should I Install New Windows?

Old windows aren’t great at keeping out the cold, as they often consist of only one pane of glass.

You might consider restoring your old windows instead, but replacing windows in historic homes is usually your best bet. New windows will be more efficient, as they can boast a triple pane of glass, and with the money that you save on temperature regulation you can earn back some of your investment on the window too!

Be More Energy-Efficient

Yes, replacement windows make you and your home more energy-efficient, which will not only benefit the environment but also your finances!

New windows are likely to regulate the temperature of your home better, so you won’t need to spend as much money on heating and cooling. With the right windows, you could even save almost a third of temperature costs, and these savings can definitely add up!

You’ll be able to maintain steady indoor temperatures, so you can live in added comfort while spending less on utility bills too.

What’s the Cost?

Replacing wood windows in an old house won’t be as cheap as replacing windows in a house that’s been around for less time.

However, the investment is worth it as it’ll keep your home’s value — make sure you don’t go for budget windows more suitable for newer houses. Of course, the cost of replacement windows in older homes will differ from property to property, so there’s no single price point to keep in mind.

Keeping Your Home’s Beauty

Whether you want to keep your old home looking great for aesthetic purposes or to keep a high resale value, you can do so.

If you’re replacing old wood windows, simply install new wood windows in their place! You can choose divided light windows to match your old ones, and choose new windows of the same color too.

You should keep to the size of the original windows — knocking out walls and similar actions aren’t advised. Consider your house’s history and appearance, or even ask a local historic preservation committee for advice.

Getting New Windows

If, after reading this, you think that getting new windows might be the right decision for you and your property, why not go for it? With these benefits, it’s definitely something worth considering — particularly as you’ll recoup some of the costs in the form of savings on your bills!

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