Retractable screen doors in Sydney

Procedure To Maintain And Clean Retractable Screen Doors In Sydney

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For proper functioning, the screen doors must be always kept clean and properly maintained. It also increases the life period of the retractable screen doors. Retractable screen doors in Sydney are durable and they require very little maintenance when compared with the normal screen doors.  Since it accumulates dirt it must be cleaned regularly. Cleaning the screen door is very easy. It must be cleaned once a week and serviced twice a year. It is not applicable to all the places.

The cleaning period of the screen doors depends on the location. For rural places, it can be cleaned twice in a year but if you are staying in an urban area then you must clean the screen doors every three months. If you live in a highly polluted area like an industrial area or tropical environment then you should clean the screen doors once in three weeks.

Procedure To Clean The Retractable Screen Doors In Sydney:

  • The first step to clean the screen door, window or fly-screen is to remove it and lay it down. You can use tarpaulin sheets below the door. Next, clean the screen door with a vacuum. Try to use mild pressure vacuum cleaner so that it will not damage the screen mesh. All the loose dust and dirt will be removed by this first step.
  • Next, add some cleaner to the water. Try to use the manufacturer cleaner or the one which is suggested by the installation company. You can also use an all-purpose cleaner. Place the screen vertically and clean it with the mixed solution. Use a soft sponge or microfiber cloth. Do not give more pressure on the screen door. The mesh used in the screen doors can be bent to the required shape.
  • After cleaning with the cleaner and water use hose to clean the screen. Set very low pressure. This must be done before the drying of the soap cleaner. Finally, absorb the excess water on the screen using a soft towel. Leave the screen to dry for a few hours. Re-install the screen door once it is fully dried.
  • If you are not cleaning the screen doors regularly then removing the dirt and dust will be very difficult. It will also affect the function and the aesthetic look of the retractable screen door.
  • If you cannot remove the screen then use a conventional method to clean it. In this conventional method after cleaning with vacuum use dust brush to clean the screen doors. Hosing with high pressure may affect the material but it can be used for security doors that are made up of strong material. Use very less amount of water for the fixed doors. Do not use chemical water for cleaning the screen doors, windows and fly-screens. The track of the screen doors must be cleaned using a soft cloth. After cleaning the screen door and track apply the lubricant at the bottom and top of the track for easy and smooth movement. The screen doors must be cleaned during the spring and autumn season.

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