Setting the Room Up for Sweet Dreams: A Complete Guide to Master Bedroom Bed Placement

Setting the Room Up for Sweet Dreams: A Complete Guide to Master Bedroom Bed Placement

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According to a poll taken by the National Sleep Foundation, Americans who report getting the best sleep consider their master bedroom setup to play a large role in catching quality Z’s.

We spend about one-third of our lives in our master bedrooms and yet, many people put less effort into their master bedroom set up than the rest of their home. Why is that? Perhaps we assume it matters less what our private quarters look like or how we’ve decorated a room designed for sleeping.

However, it’s worth taking the time to plan out things like your master bedroom bed placement. Whether you’re interested in the art of feng shui or simply want to find the coziest spot for slumber, giving the layout of your bedroom another look can make a huge difference.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about master bedroom placement no matter what your style is or how big your master bedroom is.

Step 1: Get Your Bed Off the Ground

First thing’s first: don’t sleep with your mattress on the floor. Chances are, a mattress that doesn’t have a box spring and a frame isn’t achieving the minimalist look you may be going for. Instead, it’s going to give off the bachelor pad vibe–and not in a good way.

Plus, getting your bed off the floor with a nice frame is a good way to put some distance between you and the dust and irritants lingering on your bedroom floor. As an added bonus, getting out of bed won’t feel as unpleasant when you’re not getting up from a crouched position.

Step 2: Consider Functional Needs

Before you start planning your master bedroom set up, make sure you understand what your functional needs are. What kind of storage do you need? What bedroom furniture do you plan to incorporate?

For smaller or more simply designed rooms, built-in storage is the way to go. Many bedframes have sliding drawers built-in underneath that can hold clothing, shoes, and other items that look best when tucked away. One of our favorite bedroom innovations is the TV bed, a type of bed frame that can actually store your TV when you’re not watching it.

Step 3: Locate a Commanding Position for Your Master Bedroom Bed Placement

If you’re designing your bedroom layout with feng shui in mind, you’re going to want to utilize the commanding position for your bed. In feng shui, the bed represents the soul or essence of a person and therefore the placement is incredibly important.

Observe the layout of your bedroom, taking into account the placement of permanent fixtures like windows, heating or cooling units, and doors. Which walls have the most room for your bed?

To place your bed in a commanding position, you want to be able to see the door when you lay down. Ideally, you want to place your bed against the wall opposite to the door. If this is not possible, you can choose an adjacent wall that still gives you a clear view of the door as it opens.

Commanding Position Alternatives

Some rooms simply are not designed with the commanding position in mind. If you can’t place your bed in a location that gives you full sight of the door, there is a solution.

The best solution is to place a mirror in an area that is opposite to your bed and angled to give you a view of the door. Free-standing mirrors work best for this, as they are full length and easy to position or move.

Step 4: Avoid Feng Shui No-No’s

Even if you don’t follow the feng shui guidelines to a T, there are a few different placements you’ll want to avoid if possible.

The first is closing off one side of your bed by placing it against a wall. In order to balance yin and yang (feminine and masculine energy), you want both sides of your bed to be accessible. Beyond creating feng shui, leaving both sides open allows for more airflow, a better balance of things like bedside tables, and increased comfort for you and a potential partner.

The second thing to avoid is lining up the foot of your bed with your door, which is referred to as the “coffin pose.” While you want to be able to see the door from your bed, you do not want to stare directly down the hall when you’re resting. If you place your bed on the opposite wall to the door, try to ensure that the foot of the bed is diagonal from the door.

Bonus Tips for Comfortable Master Bedroom Planning

In addition to master bedroom bed placement, there are a few other things to consider to make your bedroom the perfect sleeping oasis. Let’s take a look at some bonus tips that will help you create the bedroom of your dreams.


When it comes to color, you’re going to want to keep things neutral. Bold, bright colors are distracting and create visual chaos. Keep your walls and bedding neutral and bring in either warm accents or cool accents, but not both.


Overhead lighting isn’t always the most soothing. To create a relaxing atmosphere that helps you wind down, use lamps fit with yellow, non-fluorescent lightbulbs.

If your windows are east-facing, you may want to invest in quality curtains to help block out the morning light and sleep more soundly in the early hours. However, some people find that natural light helps them wake up, so do what makes sense for you.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Master Bedroom Bed Placement

Do you want to be one of the Americans who gets great sleep almost every single night? Reconsider your master bedroom bed placement and make sure that your bedroom is designed to maximize comfort and relaxation.

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