Sleep Peacefully With the 5 Best Home Security Systems to Invest In

Sleep Peacefully With the 5 Best Home Security Systems to Invest In


An estimated 2.2% of Australian households experienced a break-in in the year 2018. Further, close to 4.8% of Australian households suffered instances of malicious damage to property. With such high crime rates, homeowners need to have deterrence measures in place to avoid constant attacks.

Installing the best home security systems can help you keep your home safe and secure. Are you wondering what home security systems you can install in your house? Here are the best home security systems you can consider.

1. ADT Pulse

Safety and security are always on every homeowner’s mind. Finding the right security systems to keep your home safe can be a challenge at times. However, ADT pulse provides a solution for you.

The system offers a full-service package that includes 24-hour support. When looking for a home security system, finding one that has multiple components should be your priority.

ADT Plus has various features that support third-party devices. You also get the bonus of reliable mobile and web apps.

2. Vivint

Are you looking for a home security system that has high-end wireless systems? Vivint is a perfect solution for you. The system combines indoor, outdoor, and doorbell camera options for you.

Vivint also combines advanced smart home capabilities. Close to half of the global population has access to the internet. As such, finding a home system that combines smartphone capabilities and internet connectivity is a major plus.

Today, Vivint has a secure score of 9.2/10. This is due to the system’s ability to ensure ultimate control for your property. As such, it’s among the best home security systems to consider.

3. Cove

When looking for a security system, your concern should be on the system’s user-friendliness. Cove offers you more than just a wireless alarm kit. The home compatibility aspect in the system allows for smartphone control on top of having an ultra-affordable monitoring parameter.

Cove also has a touchscreen control panel, which adds an extra aspect of user-friendliness. With a secure score of 9.0/10, Cove is among the best home security camera system today.

4. Perth’s Security Systems

When securing your home from intrusion by buglers, you need to consider multiple factors. Security doors, security screens, and other systems such as roller shutters all matter. This is why Perth’s security systems offer you more than just one layer of security.

Apart from providing the security systems you need, Perth’s security also offers a free assessment of your property to detect the weak points and provide solutions. With this system, you no longer have to worry about buglers.

5. Front Point Home Security

Every homeowner longs for a security system that’s easy to install. With Frontpoint, the installation process is easy and fast. The product also introduces a unique aspect of integration with multiple devices such as phones and laptops.

This security system also boasts of having one of the best customer services. The only problem with Frontpoint is that it’s costly. This is more so in comparison to Perth’s security.

These Are the Best Home Security Systems

Getting a sound sleep at night may seem like an everyday guarantee until insecurity starts to creep into the neighborhood. Are you sick and tired of sleepless nights? It may be time to consider these five best home security systems for your home.

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