These Are the Common Types of Fountains for Your Home

These Are the Common Types of Fountains for Your Home

For centuries, fountains, especially those promising eternal youth, have fascinated mankind.

So, it’s not surprising that one of Florida’s most important historical sites is a fountain believed to conceal the secrets of everlasting vigor.

While it’s doubtful that any fountain could help prolong life, there’s no denying that the soothing sounds of water can do much to alleviate stress.

If you’d like to enjoy some of the tranquility that these water sources offer, these are the types of fountains you should consider for your home.

Indoor Types of Fountains

Indoor fountains are a popular choice among homeowners wanting to instill a sense of calm in their home or office. There are a variety of fountains suited to this task. The main ones include:

  • Tabletop fountains
  • Decorative statue fountains
  • Ceramic cascading fountains
  • Fiberglass fountains
  • Plastic or resin fountains

Manufacturers design these fountains so that they’re self-contained to avoid creating a mess.

Self-Contained Fountains

These kinds of fountains are available in both indoor and outdoor varieties. They’re easy to install since all their operational parts are already installed and ready to go.

These fountains have a concealed internal pump.

As long as you have a level spot in your garden to place these fountains, you’ll have no difficulty installing them. There’s no digging involved and you don’t need a plumber to help you get it going. Al you need to do is add water and switch the fountain on.

Self-contained fountains are also a wonderful decorative element for patios and decks.

Garden Fountains

Garden variety fountains are by far the most popular fountain types of all. They’re available in a vast assortment of designs and materials to suit your landscaping ideals.

Garden water fountain styles range from simple to ornate in a huge variety of sizes. You can use them with plants to create a tranquil oasis in a secluded spot or put them on display as a grand focal point at the entrance to your yard.

Japanese Fountains

Fountains are an important element in Japanese gardens. You’ll find them in front of temples and other places associated with the spiritual realm.

The Japanese people associate fountains with spiritual and physical cleansing and design very beautiful, eye-catching fountains to represent this significance. Many Japanese fountains contain bamboo elements like bamboo spouts trickling water into a pond or basin.

A Japanese fountain helps create natural appeal in any area of your garden and many homeowners use them close to ponds of koi fish to continue the Eastern theme.

Spouting Fountains

Other types of spouting fountain options are another popular addition to gardens across the world. They can shoot sprays of water up into the air, creating a grandiose effect.

Despite their grand appearance, you can install these fountains relatively easily. All you need is a pond or other body of water. They come with a submersible pump already installed, so all you need to do is place them, switch them on, and enjoy the display.

Endless Fountains

These fountain options flow in an endless circle with no visible end or beginning. Instead of flowing into a pond, these fountains have a hidden underground receptacle for the falling water.

You’ll need to do a little digging when you install this type of fountain and you should always install them on a level piece of ground.

They’re an aesthetically appealing and impressive addition to any garden and help create a beautiful focal point.

Wall Fountains

Wall fountains are a classic design that attaches to any wall in the house. They’re a popular type of home fountain for both indoor and outdoor use.

There are endless different designs available when you go shopping for one of these fountains and you’ll find them in a size to suit any area of your home or garden.

Usually, these fountains have a spout that spits water into a basin placed below. Some wall fountains have a soothing trickle of water instead.

Cascading Fountains

Cascading fountains are an elegant addition to your home that can add untold ambiance to your surroundings. They’re perfect for secluded garden areas that you’ve set aside for reading or reflecting.

With these fountains, water flows down from one level to another. Most of these fountains have three levels consisting of various-sized water basins that get progressively bigger toward the bottom.

Some of the more popular types of cascading fountains have columns and imitation rock designs.

Swimming Pool Fountains

Many homeowners use spouting fountains in their pools, but you also get types of fountains designed specifically for swimming pools. These fountains can add immeasurable appeal to your swimming pool and they’re relatively easy to install too.

Most swimming pool fountains for sale suit above ground pools. They fit over the side of your swimming pool and shoot out water like a spouting fountain.

Some of them come with attractive LED light features that can make your swimming pool water glow in different colors.

While above ground pool fountains are inexpensive and easy to install, fountains for inground pools need an expert installation that can cost a lot more.

More Home Improvement Hacks

With so many types of fountains available to help enhance your home, there’s no shortage of options to suit your budget, style, and design aspirations.

Are you always looking for ways to improve your home both inside and out? Keep browsing our blog for more hacks and tips on the best home improvement projects.

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