A swimming pool surrounded by palm trees in Bahrain, representing things to pay attention to when renting an apartment in Bahrain

Things to pay attention to when renting an apartment in Bahrain

Real Estate

Many people consider moving to the Kingdom of Bahrain all the time. This country is home to a thriving housing market, allowing for ample opportunities for anyone who’s thinking about renting an apartment in Bahrain or buying a house there. With the local economic scene in rude health, you will find this place to be far from a stereotypical Middle-Eastern country. There are plenty of contemporary entertainment venues, as well as an array of truly impressive architectural sights.

Speaking of architecture — the local real estate scene is growing at a breakneck pace. If there was ever a time to consider renting a place here, it is now. You have plenty of options for all budget ranges here; whether you want an affordable but spacious apartment or a true luxury pad with all the amenities you can think of. Still, as attractive as the market may be — there are still things to consider while thinking about finding a place here. And that’s what we’ll talk about right here!

Rental Prices

Before you start moving all your belongings to a new place, there is one crucial aspect to consider while renting an apartment in Bahrain. We’re talking about your personal budget. It will affect what kind of rental property you’ll be able to browse. When it comes to the local market in general, the price range is incredibly wide. There is something for everyone’s pocket here, from mansions fit for princes to some of the most affordable apartments in the region.

If we’re looking at the more expensive areas with the appropriate amenities, an apartment with one bedroom will set you back at least 400 BHD on a monthly basis. This kind of rent is found in Reef Islands and Juffair. Areas like these have everything you can think of in terms of modern facilities, and this is where most expats who come to Bahrain for work reside.

On the other hand, there are more affordable options when renting an apartment in Bahrain. The same kind of square footage that goes for 400 BHD in Juffair can be found for no more than 200 in places like Riffa. These are areas that contain more of the traditional Bahrain cultural heritage. If you truly want to learn what the locals live like, this is the place to go.

Regardless of where you decide to relocate in Bahrain, you will find there are two types of rent here:

  • Inclusive rent: containing all of the utility payments (water, electricity, Internet) within the monthly rent payment
  • Exclusive rent: not containing the utilities, which you’ll have to pay separately as the tenant.

It’s worth noting that the tenants also pay property tax here, instead of the landlords. In the former type of rent, the tax is also included with the utilities, while the exclusive model sets it apart — though the tenant still pays, just separately. Usually, these taxes cost around 10% of the actual rent payment.

Type of Unit

Another thing to think about when you’re making your choice for renting an apartment in Bahrain is whether you’re looking for a property that’s furnished or not. As you might imagine, a property that comes with its own furnishings will be costlier than an empty one. If you opt for the latter, you’ll have to hire a moving company like Four Winds Bahrain to relocate your own items for the unfurnished apartment.

Still, you should know that buying furniture is also an option to think about, seeing as it’s pretty affordable in Bahrain. That will also give you the ability to fully influence the aesthetic of your new Bahrain apartment. There are plenty of options when it comes to authentic local furniture — as well as even more affordable used furniture.

Picking The Right Neighborhood

As you may know already, the Kingdom of Bahrain is a world-famous destination for tourists. That’s why you won’t find a shortage of interesting places and fun things to do around here. Regardless of what kind of venue you’re looking for, there’s bound to be something for you here. With that in mind, you need to think about your own lifestyle needs before you choose the specific neighborhood here to settle into.

After all, this is true regardless of where you decide to live on the globe — we all need different amenities, and want to live in a neighborhood which can support that. As we’ve already mentioned, there are areas where expats live most commonly. Remember that these are usually foreign businessmen coming to work in the local financial markets; making these areas somewhat too expensive for the average Joe.

Amenities and Services

The local amenities and the public services you can expect vary quite a lot depending on where you decide to live. If you want to live near a popular destination, you’ll probably need to set aside more money for rent. Depending on your financial capabilities, it may be a better idea to keep yourself a moderate drive away from tourist hotspots.

The amenities found in the apartment buildings themselves are incredibly modern — more than in many developed Western countries, in fact. For instance, you can expect even an average building in Bahrain to contain some sort of fitness option, like a gym facility. The high-end buildings are almost guaranteed to have a pool, usually on the roof. Most contemporary apartment buildings lack nothing in terms of safety either. There surveillance round the clock, as well as ample security.


As long as you’re certain that a life in Bahrain is what you want — don’t even think twice if worries about the housing market are keeping you in doubt. This place is home to one of the most vibrant real estate markets in the entire region, and there’s no reason not to experience all of the glories awaiting in the Kingdom of Bahrain!

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