This Is How to Have a Lower Energy Bill Each Month

This Is How to Have a Lower Energy Bill Each Month

A lower energy bill might not seem like something you have a lot of control over, but one look at consumer behaviors reveals otherwise. In 2019 alone, even as the costs of energy went up, consumers found a way to slash their average monthly bills by 1.8 percent.

It happened through awareness and behavior. In the following article, we’ll be sharing the six most impactful steps you can take to get in on the savings.

1. Go Green Outside the House

One of the easiest ways to lower your energy bill has nothing to do with the type of system you’re running inside your home. It’s actually more about what you do outside the home.

We’re talking about trees, bushes, and shrubbery. Anything that shields sunlight from your front and back windows will greatly reduce the energy necessary to regulate the temperature of your home.

2. Pick Up a Dust Cloth

Another aspect of how to lower your energy bill is internal cleanliness. The greater the dust buildup, the tougher it is for air to circulate through the home. So, before investing in a new unit, pick up a dust cloth and clean vents, shelves, and baseboards.

3. Use Smaller Appliances

An overlooked source of cheap energy is what happens in the kitchen. Your oven is the primary heat generator for cooking. The more you use it, the tougher it is to cool things down and get the house back to a comfortable temperature.

Instead of using the oven, consider smaller appliances. Some of the best include microwaves and toaster ovens.

4. Replace Filters Monthly

Among the best money-saving tips for your central heating-and-air unit are your filters. You should replace them once every month or every two at the most. The longer you go without replacement, the harder your unit has to work to pump air through the dust buildup and into the rest of the house.

5. Control the Temp

Perhaps the most impactful you can do to save on your energy bill is to make sure you control the temperature when you’re gone. This makes a huge difference regardless of the season.

Start paying attention to how much time you spend around the house. Limit primary use to those times and adjust the thermostat so the heat or air keeps from cutting on throughout the day.

6. Make It a Priority

Prioritizing your energy usage will make a big difference. It will lead you to notice peak times more and to adjust your behaviors accordingly. You might also consider additional tips like home fuel delivery services to pay only for the energy you use as well as other outside-the-box hacks.

Work Towards a Lower Energy Bill and Reap the Benefits

A lower energy bill is always within reach if you know yourself and your heating-and-air system. The above behaviors will help you have more control over what happens at the end of each billing cycle.

Best of luck as you implement them in your day-to-day. For more home improvement and real estate tips, check out some of our additional posts.

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