Tips For Selecting The Right Pool Coping Tiles

Tips For Selecting The Right Pool Coping Tiles

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Pool coping is the design element for the pool area and it is mostly used at the edges of the swimming pool. Pool coping has several functions. Pool coping is mainly used for separating the swimming pool from the other surfaces. It serves as a frame for the swimming pool. It also protects the surrounding area of the swimming pool from water damage. Pool coping is also used for aesthetic purposes. It enhances the look of the swimming pool. Pool coping is similar to garden edging.  In this article let us discuss the different types of pool coping, the material used for constructing pool coping, different designs, advantages, and disadvantages.

Different types of pool coping:

  • Top mount pool coping design:

It is one of the most popular and common types of pool coping. Top mount pool coping is made up of powder-coated aluminum. It is also called as half-round coping or C- channel coping because of the shape of the top mount pool coping.

  • Cantilever pool coping design:

In this type, Styrofoam forms are attached to the lip of the pool. This attachment is temporary. After attaching concrete decking is poured into it. Foam forms are removed after pouring the concrete into it.

  • Flat mount pool coping design:

Technically this type will not come under the coping. In this type, the track is used for holding the pool liner. Coping pavers and stones are mounted on top of the liner.

Tips for selecting the right kind of pool coping tiles:

Pool coping can be made with different materials. Some of the materials used for making pool coping are brick, poured concrete and natural stones such as pavers, tile, precast concrete, granite, travertine, flagstone, slate, sandstone, and limestone. Each material has different visual appeal, appearance, pattern and color. When using pool coping tiles, it must be sealed to prevent watermarks and other stains. For the pool area, it is recommended to select non slip coating material. It ensures safety for the users and also prevents from slipping.

Select the pool coping design based on your needs. Try to match the pool coping tiles with the other outdoor area. Some of the pool coping designs are roll edge, bullnose, square edge and cantilever. The square edge pool coping has straight finish and the bullnose design has a rounded edge. Bullnose design will be very pleasant.

Pool coping material:

Before selecting the material to consider the visual appeal, comfort, safety, and durability. The material used for pool coping must be resistant to acids and chlorine. The two major varieties of pool coping are precast concrete coping and poured pool coping.

Pool coping made of travertine, limestone, granite and other stone will add elegance and stylish look for the swimming pool. The thickness of the pool coping material must be consistent. So before selecting the natural stone to check the thickness of the material. The total look of the pool can be changed by installing paver coping. The installation process is easy. Paver pool coping is durable, and resistant to slip.

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