Unique Furniture Design to Include in Your Next Redesign Project

Unique Furniture Design to Include in Your Next Redesign Project

Where do you look for interiors inspo? If, like many people, Pinterest and Instagram are your go-to sources for furniture design trends, it’s likely that wishbone dining chairs and mid-century cabinets topped with butt-shaped vases are on your radar right now.

That said, if you’re considering redecorating soon, it could be time to step away from these popular and often fleeting fads. Instead, you should turn your attention to current design trends and unique materials that are true to your own sense of style.

Not sure what unique furniture styles and current design trends speak to you the most? Take a look at some of these inspirational ideas.

Foam Roller Chaise

There’s nothing quite like the intense combination of pain and pleasure that a foam-rolling session provides. So, as you can imagine, relaxing into the form of a chaise lounge made of adjustable rollers is the perfect way to wind down after a hard day. There might not be any rubber studs kneading at your body. But being able to alter the height of the rollers makes this unique furniture style also one of the most functional.

Acrylic Console Table

If you need a focal point for your living room or hallway, acrylic furniture is the hottest trend to get on board with.

The beauty of an acrylic console table is that it provides a modern touch to any room, but is understated enough to avoid clashing with other pieces. What’s more, since acrylic is clear, it’s a great way to add substance to smaller rooms and narrow spaces where other kinds of furniture styles might be too overbearing.

Bookcase Reading Chair

Do you love nothing more than curling up with a good book but lack the space for a full-on library in your home? If so, opting for an armchair with built-in book storage could be the solution.

Designs range from ultra-modern cube chairs to antique-style models with hollow bases and sides for stacking up your latest reading material. As well as saving lots of space, a unique furniture item like this will create the perfect talking point for an empty corner of your living room.

Travertine Coffee Table

Marble certainly enjoyed a long run as the rock du jour. Now, though, travertine looks set to steal its crown as coffee tables made from this form of limestone are the hottest interior trend in town.

Both of these unique materials look similar. But block-style travertine tables feel more natural and modern when compared to fussy and often ornate marble tables. And, since many of us are keen to bring more of the outdoors into our homes, travertine fits the bill perfectly.

Cushionized Sofa

Stiff, uncomfortable couches have no place in our modern lives where staying in is the new going out and soft, plush sofas are where all the action happens. That’s not to say, however, that aesthetics have to suffer at the expense of comfort.

Innovative furniture styles in the world of chairs and sofas have a fashionable modern feel but are also soft and squishy enough to be seriously inviting. Think giant beanbag styles, entire sofas made from stacks of cushions, and fluffy covers that you can’t wait to sink into.

Furniture Design Pieces to Incorporate Into Your Home

Investing in original furniture design doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your personal style preferences or putting up with uncomfortable furniture for its unique aesthetic.

In fact, many current design trends are adaptable enough to fit any decor, while a lot of unique furniture pieces can still be comfortable as well as stylish!

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