Various Water Purifiers and Their Specialties

Various Water Purifiers and Their Specialties


The water purifiers’ task is to protect the water from getting harmed by chemical substances and natural bacteria or viruses. There are different sorts of water purifiers that are available in the market. It becomes vital when we are making a decision to pick the right purifier for ourselves. The types of water purifiers are Reverse Osmosis Purifier, Ultrafiltration purifier, and Ultraviolet Rays Purifier. These are commonly known as RO, UF, and UV. These are some methods of purifying water globally.

 Let us find out what is the difference between RO UV and UF.

  1. RO purifier

It is that process of purifying water that needs electric support to activate. It is sufficient in the abolition of the dissolved salts. The need for electricity arises at the time of heightening up the water pressure level. The RO purifiers are blessed with a pre-filtration mode that can go filthy water as well. The RO purifier has a drawback, which many people witness that it tends to waste lots of water that depends on the volume of the contaminants.

  1. UV water purifier

This type of water purifier also requires electricity to function, and the water should be dirt-free, or else it won’t work. Moreover, the UV water purifier is satisfactory to operate with regular tap water stress. All harmful bacteria and viruses get killed in the UV purifiers, but their corpse stays there in the water. Like the RO purifier, this one cannot take out the dissolved salts.

  1. UF water purifier

There is no specific need for electricity in the working of the UF water purifier. It has got the talent of destroying every bacteria and virus from the water. It can also function with regular water pressure. Like the UV water purifier, UF also cannot deduct the heavy metals, nitrates, and other salts from the water. Also, the benefits of having a UF is that it does not demand maintaining purposes, and it has got long term filters.

The key difference between UV and UF is that UF can work with thick muddy water while the UV cannot.


All the water purifiers that are mentioned earlier have certain qualities in them. However, the RO has disadvantages, but it is also a complimentary appliance in other ways. Now that you have an idea of how the RO UV and UF purifiers vary from each other, do let us know what water cleanser you are looking to install in your house.

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