What is an HVAC Unit?

What is an HVAC Unit?


There is a good chance that you have heard the term “HVAC” before and may not even know what exactly it stands for. So, we can start right off the bat by going over what exactly HVAC stands for before we get into what makes up the systems. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, and it is the central nervous system of your home or building’s environmental control.

Everything from your family home to office, to your local gym, has an HVAC unit, in order to keep a constant temperature and to help make sure that the air quality in all of these places is at a prime level.

How does an HVAC system work?

The three tasks of the HVAC system (Heating, cooling and ventilation) all work together in order to provide high-quality air in your home, as well as a level of thermal comfort. These systems can be some of the most expensive and complex systems in your entire home, but they are vital. Living through a hot summer without the proper cooling, or a cold, cold winter without a well functioning furnace will set straight how important it is to have a proper HVAC system. But, how do these systems work?

Heating element: This is usually the furnace or a boiler. This element includes the piping system that carries a fluid to be heated or ductwork that forces the warm air throughout your home.

Ventilation: this will either be natural or forced-air.

Air conditioning: This is the portion of the unit that focuses on removing the warm air from your home and replacing it with cooled air. While a lot of people use the term air conditioning and HVAC interchangeably, HVAC is actually the more encompassing term, as AC only covers the cooling element of the system.

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