Home Remodeling: 7 Disastrous Mistakes to Avoid


Are you considering a remodel on your home or property? A remodel can free up space and add value to a property. However, it can also be expensive and if you have not done your research, it can go wrong.

You need to take into account a number of considerations when remodelling your home. Read on to find our must-know guide on mistakes you need to avoid when conducting a home remodeling.

1. Not Budgeting Home Remodeling Correctly

Rule 101 when it comes to any home renovation is to budget properly. You should work out the costs of materials and labor, any other costs like planning permits, then add on around 20%. This will cover you for any unseen circumstances that may arise.

You do not want to start a remodel and run out of money halfway, leaving the project unfinished. In addition, you do not want an unforeseen cost to arise that you have no money for, and have to cancel the project. If the 20% contingency does not get used, then you have extra money to spend on your beautiful remodeled home.

2. Buying Furniture Too Early

It is perfectly fine to see items of home decor and furniture you want to put into your new remodel or renovation. However, it pays to be flexible on the items you want and to not make purchases until later in the renovation. Dimensions and placements can change during the build, and the items may not fit or look correct if you buy them before the work is finished.

3. Focusing on Appearance

The whole point of your remodel is to make your property look better. However, that does not mean you should sacrifice the practicalities. Concerns that should take precedence over aesthetics are any structural issues or safety issues.

4. Not Ordering Extra

If using flooring, tiles, or wallpaper, then make sure you order more. You do not want to run out and have to return to the store. Even worse, you do not want to find that they have sold out when you only need two tiles to finish your new bathroom.

5. Going Too Modern

On trend furniture and design looks great, but it always carries with it the danger that it will date quickly. It may look great now and make a real statement, but will it still have that impact 5 years down the line? Consider the resale value and consult a qualified designer or builder such as Hollandhomesllc.com if you are not sure.

6. Not Planning Workflow

This mainly applies to a kitchen remodel, but can also work for utility rooms, bathrooms and even sitting rooms. Consider how you will move, and flow around the space. For kitchens, consider the flow between your sink, stove, and refrigerator so that the space facilitates your activities.

7. Hiring Any Tradesman

When finding someone to do the work, you should interview a few tradesmen, as well as getting multiple quotes. Never be tempted to go for the one who can schedule the job quickest. If they do not have that much work on, it may be for a reason.

Starting the Remodel

In summary, plan well and do your homework. With these 7 tips, your home remodeling project should add value, space, and give a fresh look to your home.

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