This Is How to Display a Collection in Your Home

This Is How to Display a Collection in Your Home

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Are you a collector?

Over the course of their lives, many people find a line of items they love and want to collect as many as possible. But ultimately, all of those items need a place to go, and you don’t want to just put them in a closet or drawer.

Whether you’re just starting on your collection journey or have a variety of items that need a place to go, you probably want to know how to display your collection.

Fortunately, we can help. Let’s get into how to display a collection below.

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Consider the Size of Your Items

So, do you want to know how to display a collection?

Think about the size of your items. Do you have larger items, smaller items, or a mix?

The size of your items won’t just affect how they take up space on your shelf. Instead, it will also determine how good they look in that particular location. As a general rule, use smaller spaces for smaller items and larger spaces for larger ones.

For instance, if you collect shells, you might want to leave them on a narrow display shelf in your bathroom. If your shells are a bit larger, make the shelf larger until it looks proportional.

On the other hand, if you have collector’s toys, such as action figurines or FunkoPops, you’ll want to find a shelf on which you can line them all up without them running out of space.

Buy a Display Cabinet

Have you ever walked into someone’s house and seen their extensive collection properly arranged and on display behind glass.

If so, you’ve seen someone using a display cabinet. These cabinets usually consist of clear panels that reveal your collection display even when closed, and you can open them to add to the collection.

Usually, the panels are made of glass, and the cabinet takes up a considerable amount of space. Yet, because they keep your items on exhibit while keeping them organized and in their place, they’re a favorite among many collectors.

Shop display cabinets today!

Use Picture Frames to Your Advantage

Do you have a really cool picture frame hanging on your wall?

Consider it a unique opportunity to create an eye-catching display. Frames almost always have a narrow ledge, which might be perfect for showing off some of your smaller items.

This is quite an unconventional way to exhibit your collection, but it almost certainly will create a memorable impression on all people who enter your home. In addition, it’s also a great way to save space if you live in a smaller home.

Consider Location When Deciding How to Display a Collection

Your home comprises your own personal space, and displays become fantastic ways to express your creativity, interests, and personal sense of style.

Yet, not every room in your home gives you the same amount of privacy, and because of that, you should think about where you keep your display.

Now, of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to hide it anywhere. But remember that if you put a display cabinet in the living room, everyone who visits your home is likely to see it.

Depending on how public you want your collection to be, that can be a good or a bad thing. Sometimes, people love having everyone from the plumber to their closest friends admire their collections.

Others prefer to keep their collections in a more private place, such as the bedroom or the basement.

Contemplate the Overall Aesthetic of Your Home

A well-placed display enhances the entire room and can make for interesting conversation pieces. If a display looks out of place, though, it may not catch as much positive attention.

When you think about where to put your display, think about the overall appearance of your home. Does your display fit well in the living room? If not, where do you think it would go best?

If you can’t think of anywhere, is there a place in your home you can rearrange to better accommodate the display?

Think About Symmetry

Did you know that the human brain actually craves symmetry?

In fact, we consider things more aesthetically pleasing when there’s a balanced out appearance to it. Because of this, you might find your display turns out better when you think about making it appear symmetrical.

You can do this by sorting your items by size, color, or whatever works best for you. Once you’ve finished sorting, take a step back, and see if you’ve achieved a formation that’s pleasing to look at.

Arrange by Color

Want another idea for how to make your display case more appealing?

Arrange your items by color.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to keep everything of one color in one area, either. Using symmetry, you can get a little creative and organize your colors in a symmetrical and artistic way.

This will ultimately draw more attention to your display and make it more attractive.

Create a Space That Moves You Emotionally

Let’s face it: there’s a reason you chose to collect what you do.

Maybe you really like a movie because of its ability to make you smile or invest you in a reality away from this one. Or maybe the shells you own remind you of vacations with your family.

Whatever your reason, it’s worthy of honoring. The best way to honor the things that mean something to you is to give them a space that moves you in some way.

It doesn’t have to be tectonic. Just make sure the structure of the space gives you something, whether that be joy, a memory, or whatever else is meaningful.

This ensures you will enjoy your space for a long time to come.

Want More Advice for Your Home?

Now that you know how to display a collection, you’re probably ready to get started1

When you create a space for your collection, it’s important that you think about how and where you want it to be arranged. By creating the perfect space for the things you love, you’re finding ways to honor the items that mean the most to you.

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